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mainslight margins bringing svg off edge of pagejames pannacciulli13 months
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2023-07-03slight margins bringing svg off edge of pagemainjames pannacciulli1-2/+4
2023-07-03allow for specification of dur and offset in modal and query paramsjames pannacciulli1-2/+38
2023-07-03add hamburger menu and hide/show options modaljames pannacciulli1-7/+39
2023-06-30add tooltips to fields / buttons / linksjames pannacciulli1-6/+6
2023-06-30auto generate link for current setup for bookmarking/sharingjames pannacciulli1-2/+21
2023-06-29reverse initial direction of text animationjames pannacciulli1-4/+5
2023-06-29allow query params 'text', 'd', 'rainbow', and 'lines' to set respective inputsjames pannacciulli1-3/+28
2023-06-28replace envelope svg, better font size / animation length responsivenessjames pannacciulli1-11/+26
2023-06-28forward<->backwards loop instead of reset, change src link to about pagejames pannacciulli1-12/+22
2023-06-28might help for html to be in the html dirjames pannacciulli1-0/+0