ariketa: bash example code quickloader for presentations


  • Create an array of examples for ariteka by editing 'config/examples.sh'.

  • Source ariketa.sh to your Bash session: source ariketa.sh

  • View USAGE file for usage information.


To load ariketa, source it into the bash session you wish to use for the
    source ./ariketa.sh

When an example is displayed, it may be edited like any command line and
executed normally by pressing enter.  Use the following key bindings to
navigate through your examples:

    alt-H:     display this USAGE text

    alt-w:     load previous example
    alt-e:     load next example
    alt-a:     reload current example
    alt-h:     display current example with syntax highlighting

    alt-W:     load previous example without clearing the screen
    alt-E:     load next example without clearing the screen
    alt-A:     reload current example without clearing the screen

    alt-s:     side by side diff of previous and current example
    alt-S:     side by side diff of prev/cur examples with highlighting
    alt-P:     toggle between ariketa PS2 header and original setting


To load examples into ariketa, edit the 'examples.sh' file in the
'config' directory.  This file should be a sourceable bash script which
creates an indexed array named '_examples', whose elements have values
beginning with a tag, delineated from the example itself by a ':' character
followed by a newline.  An sample config is located in